Church Leadership

Church Leadership

Church Secretary

Andrew Ward

Andrew is a Deacon in the church, and is also our Church Secretary. About Andrew works in the pension sector and so is amazingly patient and thorough as you can imagine!  He is a family man and in his spare time enjoys amateur photography.  

Matthew Wyncoll

Matt is a Deacon in the church About Matt is a husband and a father of two beautiful girls.  He works in the Civil engineering sector and as a result he has brilliant organisational skills and is a great communicator.  In his spare time he likes spending time with his family and watching Formula One.     
Church Treasurer

Bob Deex

Bob is a Deacon in our and also the Church Treasurer About Bob spent much of his working life working for HMRC in the tax office, and as such is brilliant with figures.  He is married to Joyce and they are now grandparents, something which keeps them busier than usual.    

Jonathan Henery

Jonathan Henery is a Deacon in our church About Content coming soon!

Guy Nicholls

Guy is a Deacon in our church.   About He is a father and a husband and in a keen and proficient trumpet player in the church music group.   When he’s not at church you can find him looking after his enormous dog, cooking, and tinkering with his classic motorcycle.   

Richard Brackenbury

Richard is a Deacon in our church. About Richard worked for some years in the prison service and recently went into retirement.  Richard is married with two children.